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Letter Selection

DearElder.com offers FREE same-day letter delivery to the Provo MTC* (for all letters submitted by 12:00 pm MST Mon-Fri)! To send a letter to your missionary in the Provo MTC, simply select Provo MTC from the drop-down menu below.
All other missions cost just the price of a stamp, and are sent out daily, Monday-Friday! Select the LDS mission you wish to write to, and click "Write a Missionary" to send a letter.

  *  ATTN!: If you wish to write to the Provo MTC, please select "Provo MTC" from the drop-down menu--not the actual mission your missionary will be serving in.

Our letter service is available to all LDS missions and MTCs in the world. You need to sign up for a Dearelder.com account by clicking, the Open New Account link above the log in box to the left of the screen. All letters are sent every day, Monday-Friday.

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