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What Do Mormons Believe

What Do Mormons Believe About The Nature of God?

Mormons believe God is our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is His Son, and the Holy Ghost is a spirit sent by God to teach truth, inspire, and comfort. Each of these is a separate, individual being. God is perfect, benevolent, all-knowing, and all-powerful. God has a divine, immortal body of flesh and bone. We are all the children of God, so He desires for us to become like Him and gain all that He has (Romans 8:17).

What Do Mormons Believe About Jesus Christ?

Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God. He was ordained to be the Savior of all mankind before the world was created. He was born of Mary as the New Testament tells and fulfilled the prophecies of the coming Messiah. He lived a sinless life and through His suffering and crucifixion, atoned for the sins of all. Three days after His death Jesus was resurrected and ascended to heaven. He now possesses a divine, mortal body like God the Father’s. As Savior, Jesus will act as Advocate to The Father on Judgment Day and extend mercy to those who have faith in Him and have followed His example. Mormons worship Jesus as Lord and Savior.

What Do Mormons Believe About The Nature of Man?

Man is composed of a mortal body and an immortal spirit. The spirit of each individual is a distinct consciousness and existed before this life. Each person on earth accepted the responsibility of experiencing mortality for the purpose of personal progression. The spirit contains what is often called a “conscience” and every person has the innate ability to distinguish right from wrong. Mortality is a probationary state for which we will be judged according to the deeds done in this life. After this life every person will be resurrected and retain a perfect immortal body forever. The Judgment will reward each person according to their earthly life--good for good, evil for evil--with the potential to receive all that God the Father has. Mormons believe that this is the potential to become like God. These are doctrines that existed before but were abandoned after the death of the Apostles but restored through modern revelation

What Do Mormons Believe About Salvation?

Mormons believe salvation is achieved through faith in Jesus Christ. This begins, but does not end, with a personal conviction that Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior. Mormons believe that there are two deaths to be saved from. Physical death will come to everyone because of the Fall of Adam. The Atonement of Jesus Christ overcame this death and all will rise from the dead with an immortal, resurrected, physical body. The death that is spiritual is a separation from the glory and dwelling place of God. Salvation from this death is achieved through faith in Jesus and the performance of the ordinances of Salvation. Baptism is the first ordinance, which is received after faith and repentance. There are also higher ordinances received in the Mormon temple. Through these ordinances a person enters into covenants with God the Father and Jesus Christ. The reward for obedience to these covenants is eternal glory. Mormons do not believe that salvation can be earned, it is granted by the mercy of Jesus Christ to those who follow Him. He has commanded His disciples to repent and receive these ordinances. Those that do will be saved.

What Do Mormons Believe About Life After Death?

Mormons believe that all people who ever lived will have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ. Those that have died go to a spirit world where they associate with others who have lived while they await the resurrection. The believers of Christ preach the gospel in the spirit world too, and those that accept it can be saved by having the ordinances of salvation performed for them by proxy on earth. This is the Mormon practice of baptism for the dead, which is performed in Mormon temples. Mormons also believe there are differing degrees of glory rewarded after the Judgment, according to the faith and obedience of the person during their life (John 14:2; 1 Corinthians 15:40-41). The glories of heaven differ like the glory of the sun differs from the moon, and the moon from the stars. All who accepted the probation of mortality will receive some degree of glory, but only the faithful will receive the highest glory.

What Do Mormons Believe About The Bible?

Mormons believe the Bible to be the word of God. It was divinely inspired and written by prophets of God. It contains the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible is not the whole of the word of God. There have been other prophets in the history of the world and Mormons believe there are prophets today. Their words are also divinely inspired and never contradict the Bible. The Bible as it presently exists is a construction of the councils of men and has undergone countless transcriptions and several translations. Mormons believe that in the intervening 2,000 years the essential gospel remained but several finer points of doctrine have been altered or omitted on occasion and interpreted to suit the desires of those in power. Mormons believe that the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible restored these changes and is a more correct version than any other. Mormons also believe in divine scripture in addition to the Bible. In the Mormon canon are the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

What Do Mormons Believe About Revelation?

Mormons believe in all the revelations of God, past, present, or future. Mormons believe that revelation did not cease with the Apostles. With the death of the Apostles there was no one on earth with the authority to receive revelation for the Church of Jesus Christ for many years. But starting in 1820 that authority was restored to Joseph Smith and exists in the Mormon Church. The leaders of the Mormon Church are sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators. Through Joseph Smith and succeeding prophets of the Church many new revelations have been received in modern times and old revelations clarified. Mormons also believe there are yet things to be revealed concerning the kingdom of God.

What Do Mormons Believe About Other Christian Churches?

Mormons desire the fellowship and association of other Christian churches. Mormons believe in freedom of religion and allow all to worship as they please. All Christian churches are based on faith in Jesus Christ but Mormons believe that God grants authority to administer the gospel. This is the priesthood. Without that authority, the ordinances of salvation cannot be performed. Although other Christian churches have faith in Jesus and live His teachings, they have not received baptism by the proper authority to be able to receive salvation. Mormons believe the priesthood authority of God is found only in the Mormon Church.

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