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Mormon Missionaries - Why They Serve

Why do Mormon missionaries put their lives on hold to serve a mission for the Mormon Church? The answer as stated in 1907 by the First Presidency of the Church is simple, "Our motives are not selfish; our purposes not petty and earth-bound; we contemplate the human race, past, present and yet to come, as immortal beings, for whose salvation it is our mission to labor; and to this work, broad as eternity and deep as the love of God, we devote ourselves, now, and forever."1

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that all men and women are brothers and sisters, spirit children of a Heavenly Father. Because of this belief Mormon missionaries feel compelled to share the message of the restored gospel to their brothers and sisters around the world. Mormon missionaries are obeying the call to serve so that all may "come unto Christ, and be perfected in him." 2

Mormons believe that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is only found within the Mormon Church. It is only through the saving ordinances administered through the power of the Priesthood that a person can be saved in the kingdom of God.

Some may wonder why Mormon missionaries preach to Christians and non-Christians alike. Elder Oaks explained to a leader of an Orthodox Church, "We preach to believers as well as unbelievers because our message, the restored gospel, makes an important addition to the knowledge, happiness, and peace of all mankind. As a matter of practicality, we preach to believers as well as unbelievers because we cannot tell the difference." 3

Mormon missionaries carry forth the idea presented by a former president of the Mormon Church. "We have come not to take away from you the truth and virtue you possess... but we have come here as your brethren … and to say to you: ‘Keep all the good that you have, and let us bring to you more good, in order that you may be happier and in order that you may be prepared to enter into the presence of our Heavenly Father." 4

Mormon missionaries strive to bring people everywhere to the truth. Their desire is that each person may experience the joy that the gospel of Christ brings as they develop a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and forge eternal bonds with their family within a Mormon temple.

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