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Mormon Missionaries - Organization

Every Mormon mission has several levels of organization. A mission is a geographic area defined by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They typically encompass a large area and are not defined by state boundaries.

Mormon missionaries are called to a certain mission and they serve within that mission the entire time.

A mission is usually divided into zones and then districts. A Mormon missionary is assigned to preside over each zone and district. They gather weekly statistics and assist companionships with their assigned area. A Mormon missionary may serve in different zones within the mission.

Each mission is presided over by a Mission President. When called the mission president moves his family to the mission and usually serves for a three-year period. Usually two additional Mormon missionaries are called as Assistants to the President (AP) and assist him in administering policies and helping missionaries.

Mormon missionaries are assigned a companion. They live together and share the same living quarters. They are expected to try and work through any disagreements or conflicts and learn to work together. A Mormon missionary companionship can last from weeks to months and are dissolved when one of them is transferred to another area.

Elderly couples can be Mormon missionaries and are companions throughout their mission. They usually serve in a variety of missions. Retired single men and women can serve missions as well, usually working as a service missionary. 

There are a number of different types of missions within the Mormon Church.

  • The most well known is the Mormon missionary who proselytes. They are typically seen walking or riding their bikes around town. They are actively involved in teaching other people about the Church. Mormon missionaries also participate in community service a few hours each week.
  • There are also service missionaries who serve in various ways. Some of them serve in impoverished areas helping the natives by digging wells, providing medical care, building homes, and other services. Other service missionaries do genealogical research, work at a Church humanitarian or welfare facility, or are tour guides or hosts at visitor's centers.
  • Humanitarian missionaries serve in poor countries and do not actively proselyte; sometimes they do not wear the Mormon missionary nametag if it is forbidden. This allows the Church to serve in countries where they would typically be forbidden such as Arab countries or Southeast Asia.
  • Temple missionaries serve in various temples around the world. 

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